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Stanton Driving School

A1 Driving School is one of the premier driverís training schools in the greater Stanton area, and has been in the driver training and education business since 1962.†A1 Driving School has a solid reputation for quality drivers training in Stanton and surrounding areas, is known for their friendly driving instruction staff, and has a history of excellence and success with all types of drivers in training. That is why we have been given an "A+" Rating by Better Business Bureau

Stanton Driverís Training

A1 Driving School is your Stanton Driverís Education and training for Stanton and surrounding areas.† A1 Driving School offers a wide variety of driverís educational courses including:

  • Driverís Education (Online Instruction)
  • Driverís Training

A1 Driving School educational training courses will easily accommodate even the busiest schedules with multiple times and classes to choose from, in addition to the online education courses available.†Our relaxed learning environments encourage student participation and will teach students all the necessary information required to assist in receiving their California driverís license.

We offer online and in-class course instruction, behind-the-wheel driverís training, and pickup and drop-off services with full service packages.† See our most recent Stanton driverís education pricing options for pricing options and full details.

Experienced Driving Instructors for Stanton Driverís Training

A1 Driving School has a friendly and experienced staff sure to fit your driving needs.† Among the many qualities of our driving instructors for Stanton Driverís Training, some of the highlights are:

  • Detailed Instruction with Patience
  • Encouraging and Working with Nervous Drivers
  • Working with the Young Teens and Elderly
  • Bilingual English-Spanish Instruction
  • Long Employment History with A1 Driving School

Stanton Driverís Training Instruction Vehicles

A1 Driving School is equipped with Toyota Corolla's for use in the driverís training courses. All of our cars are:

  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Dual Braking Systems
  • Dual Accelerator
  • Driving School Signs
  • Cleaned Daily

Stanton Traffic School Courses

A1 Driving and Traffic School now offers traffic school that can be completed from the comfort of your couch! Choose from our DMV-licensed, online traffic school or our booklet traffic school.
Learn more about our traffic school

A1 Driving School is fully bonded and licensed, and wants to earn your driving education business.†Call 714-752-3748 for more information on any of our programs, or if you have any questions on our driving education training courses.

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